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School Exams started 22/12 till 23/1/2020
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Students Handbook 2019/2020


Dear Parents,
Thank you for entrusting the education of your child to Noor Language Schools (NLS). In a world of constant change, it is more important than ever to prepare our young for the challenges and opportunities they will face as 21st century adults. NLS seeks to develop and inspire students who are articulate, knowledgeable, organized, compassionate, creative, responsible, and able to learn and adapt to new information, new technologies, new situations, and new people. So, let us work hand in hand to build the bridge that will safely link our sons and daughters to their deserved and prospective roles in tomorrow's world.
Dear Student,
It is our pleasure to welcome you to NOOR Language School. There is no doubt that we live in an extremely demanding and highly technically advanced age. We are in an age where only the individuals, who think critically, form their own individual perspective on life and its challenges will aspire to distinguished levels in their society. It is our role as a school to equip and prepare all our students with the skills, experience and tools to achieve their aspirations and ambitions in becoming established and essential members in their practical and social life.
NOOR Language Schools
 Tel: 01100903121- 01225298813 - 29203998
The academic school year lasts for 8 months according to the Ministry of Education. Our year is divided into two Terms.
School is scheduled to commence at 7:45 a.m. and ends at 2:50 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. A note will be sent to parents in occasion of any changes.
To present balanced, responsible, confident and internationally minded young adults who are able to make sound decisions based on logic and morality under the umbrella of the Islamic identity.
NOOR Language School is dedicated to teaching a balanced educational ethical curriculum based on logic and morality.
Providing a multi-cultural and safe environment equipped with the best standards of teaching services.
Cultivating a successful student able to contribute to the community positively and effectively for the time being and for the future.
Enhancing the professional development of the school staff.
Setting a flexible and up to date policy serving the parent's needs, student's requirements and the society demands on equal bases.
The school is covering an area of 6500 square meters. It has the capacity of 1830 students. NOOR School campus boasts a number of educational, sports, and health related
facilities to help provide students with a well-rounded experience.
All of our classrooms are supplied with interactive Boards and designed to accommodate up to 28 students.
􀂙 Three Multi-purpose Science Labs for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics
􀂙Three computer Labs  
􀂙Library containing both fiction and non-fiction books on many subjects for all ages
􀂙Multi Media Room
􀂙Music Room
􀂙TwoArt Rooms
􀂙Four Mosques
􀂙 KG Ethics Room
􀂙 KG Activity Room
􀂙Football Court
􀂙 Volleyball Court
􀂙 Two Basketball Court
􀂙 Heated swimming Pool
􀂙KG Play Areas
􀂙Multi-purpose Indoor and outdoor assembly areas
􀂙Canteen with Healthy Foods approved by the administration
􀂙Health Clinic  
Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
The PTA is an organization that consists of elected parents and teachers working together to create a stronger and more effective school for everyone. The goals of the PTA are to foster a strong relationship between parents and staff, to hear and discuss comments, suggestions, and complaints, and to find solutions and implement new ideas to make our school a better place.
Parent-Teacher Meetings
In addition to the weekly scheduled meetings with the subjects’ supervisors, there are two parent-teacher conferences during the school year. One takes place in the middle of each term. This is your opportunity to visit the school and meet the teachers who are working with your child in order to get a first-hand report on your child’s progress, behavior, and status.
All pieces of NOOR School uniforms will be purchased from the school’s Uniform Store in Zahraa El-Maadi. More details are available at the schools Front Desk. What we need from parents in this regard is their assistance in seeing that the uniforms are well maintained and ready for their children’s use.
Student Transportation
·        The student needs to be outside, waiting for your bus each morning at least FIVE (5) minutes before you are scheduled to be picked up.
·        All the rules that apply to you while in school apply on the bus. You should also remain seated and remain orderly from the time you get on your bus until the time you leave. Inappropriate behavior on buses will not be tolerated. If you are consistently misbehaving on the bus, or late getting on the bus you will be warned officially by the bus supervisor.
  • Each student who rides the bus in the morning must return home by the same bus after the school day, unless the student provides a parent’s note of consent to the school administration.
  • The name of the Parent/Guardian responsible for collecting the student in the afternoon
  • A detailed bus regulations form about the route and the person responsible for collecting the student in the afternoon has to be filled and attached with a personal photo when registering to the buses services.
In case of any disagreement from the bus driver or matron, parents should return to the buses department with their complaint.
Tuition Policy
To ensure enrolment, admission fees are to be paid upon acceptance of your child to NOOR School. Fees are paid in Two (2) installments:
1st installment: 60% of fees (due before July 1st)
2nd installment: 40% of fees (due before December 1st)
Bus fees: (due before July 1st)
Application fees are non refundable.
􀂙Any delay of payment will result for the delay of receiving the school booklets and the final                                             Report Card.
􀂙In case of legitimate emergencies, parents can seek approval for late payments from the school Administration.
Tuition refund policy
In case of withdrawal from school:
10% will be deducted from the amount paid before 30/5
10% will be deducted from the first installment of the school fees during 1/6 till 30/8 (according to the Ministry of Education)
In case of withdrawal from the bus:
10% will be deducted from the total bus fees.
Late Arrival
You are late to school the moment the school gates have been closed. The gates close every day at 08:30 sharp. If you arrive late more than Two (2) times during a term you will miss the first session, if you are late more than Three (3) times during a term you will be sent home and your parents will have to come pick you up. NO students will be allowed in the school after 09.00.
Important Note: If you arrive at the gates AFTER 9:00 a.m. you will not be admitted at all and your absence on that day will be counted as unexcused.
Early Dismissal
Students will not be allowed to leave school early without the attendance of their parent, preferably provided at least one day before the early dismissal is to occur. Early dismissals should, obviously, occur only in necessary cases.
Dress Code:
Your personal appearance in school demonstrates your seriousness about your education, your school, and yourself. Because of this fact, you should be wearing a full, clean, and ironed uniform EVERY day. Other aspects of your appearance (hair styles, accessories, etc.) should also be appropriate to an academic setting. Breaking the dress code of the school will result in disciplinary action, including possibly being sent home to change your clothes.
Girls are only allowed to wear colored headbands; veiled girls are only allowed to wear plain white or blue headscarves.
Girls are not allowed to wear any form of makeup, nail varnish or accessories. Only gold earrings are allowed, no other gold or jewelry is allowed to be worn or brought to school.
Boys are not allowed to wear any accessories, wristbands and chains.
Students are allowed to wear sports shoes which are dark or white, no loud colors are allowed.
You are to follow all classroom, bus, library, and lab rules and regulations at all times.
You are expected to show responsibility for your own learning by having the required textbooks and supplies ready on a daily basis at the start of each subject.
You should always be orderly, cooperative, responsive to your teachers, and fully engaged in class activities.
Shouting and running in the school is prohibited: if you must shout or run, please do it outdoors during your break.
Mobile phones ARE NOT ALLOWED in school and will be confiscated. For emergencies, they can be kept with the floor supervisor.
Students must not carry large amounts of money when coming to school.
 Students are not allowed to leave their classrooms without the permission of a teacher or a floor supervisor between sessions.
 • Students are not allowed to bring matches, lighters, fireworks or any flammable materials to school.
The school encourages all students to have their hygiene kit, such as: hand gel, wipes and tissues.
English language curriculum for the Primary Stage
The school main course is “Oxford Discover”, the most updated English academic course. It is published by Oxford University Press. It uses “Big Questions” which tap into children’s natural curiosity and enable them to ask their own questions, find their own answers, and explore the world around them. The course enhances students’ basic language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It gives teachers the tools to develop childrens’21st century skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity), creating young thinkers with great features.
“Story Town” is taught at school as a supplementary course. It is published by Harcourt and used to enhance reading and critical thinking skills.
Extra Curricular activities
Students are provided after each module with an academic activity day in which gives them a chance to present their projects and produce language in a relaxing atmosphere.
Extra Reading and Listening sessions are devoted to Primary 1,2, and 3 to enhance their skills through additional courses to be delivered in the library and the listening lab.
English language curriculum for the Preparatory Stage
The school teaches “Close Up”, one of the most updated English courses, which is published by National Geographic Press. The course topics enable our students to have a distinguished enhancement to the language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Moreover, the topics tackled meet the students’ needs for knowledge that should be acquired to cope with any international curriculum
As a supplementary course, the students study “successful writing intermediate course. It enhances the students’ writing skills and covers the European standards for writing.
Aiming to improve the students’ critical thinking skills, they study ” Elements of Literature” introductory course and course one. It is an American course book designed for native speakers
English language curriculum for the Secondary Stage
Our main course is “Journeys” CEF Levels C1+C2. It is the course book where the students will read about amazing people and places, strange events, unusual schools and find out about important issues. They will enjoy discovering more about the world they live in and learn English at the same time.
Extra Curricular activities
As the students need to learn how to express themselves, discuss issues and express opinions, the school encourages them to prepare presentations and speeches that promote their capability to speak in public and consider all the basic presentation skills involving technology: using their computers and smart boards.
Second Language
A second language (French or German) is introduced to the student starting Primary 2, to help them be more open to cultural diversity. Speaking a foreign language improves the functionality of the student’s brain by challenging it to recognize, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different languages.
Other subjects
The school follows the Egyptian Ministry of education curriculum in all other academic subjects.
Extra Curriculum subjects
·         Quran memorization and Ethics classes are essential at NOOR Schools to define the values and morals of Islam to our students.
·         Psychological health Program
·         “NOOR Character Building Program” that reflects the school’s policy that is represented in the following:
*      Sincere intention
*      Sufficient situation-based use of English language.
*      Depth in learning
*      Respect and discipline
*      Maintenance of properties and cleanliness
The Extra Curriculum subjects are introduced in details in a separate handbook attached to the admission file
 “Our students are our investment, our wealth and our future” School Chairman
                                                                                                             Dr. Diaa Agha
Welcome to NOOR Language School. We wish you the best of luck to the new academic year.