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Goals of new Islamic Year

        Asslam Alikum Brothers and Sisters. Happy New Islamic Year 1438 Hijri. May Allah   bring Blessings and happiness on all of you this year and end your Difficulties, Amen.

Muhrram is the First Islamic month, following are the 12 Islamic months:1 Muhrram -2 Safar- 3 Rabi UlAawal - 4 RAbi uL Thani - 5 Jumadi UlAawal - 6 Jumadi UsSani - 7 Rajab - 8 Shabaan - 9 Ramadaan - 10 Shawaal - 11 Dhil-Qada - 12 Dhil Hijja.

The Islamic Calendar is based on when Rasool Allah "PBUH"emigrated with his Sahabas from Makkah to Madina. So 1431 Hijri means Rasool Allah "PBUH" and his Sahaba emigrated from Makkah to Madina 1431 years ago. Islamic month starts with the new moon when it is watchable with the naked eye.

 New Year's Resolutions for School Age Kids

  • I will do my homework in time.
  • I will sleep in time.
  • I will drink milk and water, and limit unhealthy drinks.
  • I'll never give out personal information such as my name, home address, school name or telephone number on the Internet or to strangers.
  • I'll be nice to other kids. I'll be friendly to kids who need friends - like someone who is shy, or is new to my school
  • I will try to stay in the shade whenever possible and wear a hat and sunglasses, especially when I'm playing sports.
  • I will try to find a sport that I like and do it at least three times a week!

New Year's Resolutions for Teens

  • I will eat at least one fruit and one vegetable every day, and I will limit the amount of soda I drink.
  • I will take care of my health through physical activity and nutrition.
  •  I will wipe negative "self talk" (i.e. "I can't do it" or "I'm so dumb") out of my vocabulary.
  • I will choose non-violent television shows and video games, and I will spend only one to two hours each day - at the most - on these activities.
  • I will be nice to my parents, teachers and elders and show respect to them.
  • I will help out in my community - through volunteering, working with community groups or by joining a group that helps people in need.
  • When I feel angry or stressed out, I will take a break and find constructive ways to deal with the stress, such as exercising, reading, writing in a journal or discussing my problem with a parent or friend.
  • When faced with a difficult decision, I will talk with an adult about my choices.

We wish the new Islamic year spreads happiness in your life. Amen.