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Goals of new Islamic Year

     Asslam Alikum Brothers and Sisters. Happy New Islamic Year 1431 Hijri. May Allah   bring Blessings and happiness on all of you this year and end your Difficulties, Amen.

Muhrram is the First Islamic month, following are the 12 Islamic months:1 Muhrram -2 Safar- 3 Rabi UlAawal - 4 RAbi uL Thani - 5 Jumadi UlAawal - 6 Jumadi UsSani - 7 Rajab - 8 Shabaan - 9 Ramadaan - 10 Shawaal - 11 Dhil-Qada - 12 Dhil Hijja.

The Islamic Calendar is based on when Rasool Allah "PBUH"emigrated with his Sahabas from Makkah to Madina. So 1431 Hijri means Rasool Allah "PBUH" and his Sahaba emigrated from Makkah to Madina 1431 years ago. Islamic month starts with the new moon when it is watchable with the naked eye.

 New Year's Parenting Resolutions
Here are some New Year's Parenting resolutions for Moms and Dads who want to be a more effective parent in the coming year.

I will be a Good Role Model for my Child...
Parents have profound influence on the way their children grow up. This New Year gives up your bad habits like procrastinating, smoking etc and be a role model for your children.

I will make efforts to Understand my Child...
Instead of cribbing over your child's tantrums and unhealthy habits try and understand why he is behaving in that peculiar manner. This will help you understand and resolve the issue in a much better manner. This not so easy goal can be achieved by spending quality time and being patient with child.

I will teach my Child to Eat Healthy...
Encourage your child to develop healthier eating habits which includes consuming fruits, milk and vegetables and giving up junk food. Of course, you need to practice this before you preach.

I will encourage my Child to take Regular Physical Activity...
Obesity in children is rising because of their sedentary lifestyles. It is extremely important to make your children realize the benefits of regular physical activity. Enrolling them in the sports class of their choice will be a good idea.

I will Reward My Child for His Good Behavior...
For the proper personality development of your child, it is important to praise and reward his achievements and good behavior. Besides, it is also important to show a calm and patient behavior when your child misbehaves or is in trouble. This helps him become a cool and level-headed person.

 We wish the new Islamic year spreads happiness in your life. Amen.