School Contacts 2019 / 2020



School Contacts


Dear Parents,

Considering your  concerns ,complaints or suggestions, kindly stick to the following:

First Step :

§ Send your notes written in the channel book & you’ll receive a reply on time.

Second Step:

§ Send what you need in a closed envelop with the name of the person in charge

on it & give it to the bus matron or inside the channel book & you’ll receive

a reply within 24 à48 hours according to the problem you sent.

Third Step :

§ Calling the Front Office to set an appointment with the responsible person required in case of emergency.

§ Also there’s the daily direct line (parent care)for primary stage : 01140449946 for  

    complaints & suggestions . Mrs. Gehan Awad is the person in charge daily from

    9:00a.m à 11:00a.m and from 1:00p.mà 2:00 p.m,so please stick to the fixed time.


§ Also there’s the daily direct line (parent care)for prep.& sec stages: 01001634964 for complaints & suggestions . Mrs. Azza Esmat is the person in charge daily from

 9:00a.m à 11:00a.m and from 1:00p.mà 2:00 p.m,so please stick to the fixed time.



Fourth step:

·        you can come to school and write your complaint at the Front Office


Fifth Step:

·         Meeting the responsible person according to the following schedule if you didn’t receive a reply according to the previous steps :






Mrs. Samar Alaa

English Prim. à [5-6]+Prep.[1]



Mr.Ahmed Hosni

English Prep.à2à3] +Sec.[1-2-3]



Ms. Heba Samir

Germanà [ primary stage]


9:00 à 10:00

Ms. Marwa sallam

German à [Prep. + Sec. Stages]


9:00 à 10:00

Mr. Khalid Khalil

school educational consultant




9:00 à 11:00

Mrs.Samah Elogeal

Science à[All stages]


11:00 à 12:00

Ss.Ekramy Muh.

Social Studies



Mrs.Enas Elsebaey

English à [ prim.1 à 4]


11:00 à 12:00

Mr.Khalid Hassona




Mrs.Sara Salem

Mathà [Primary stages]


11:00 à12:00

Mr.Islam Amer




Mrs.Rasha Sayed

French à [All stages]



Mrs. Samar Yussuf

Art à [ All stages]


12:00 à1:00

Mr.Ayman El-Mahdy Mrs.Aya Shalaby

اللغة العربية ] جميع المراحل حتى الثانوى[

تربية دينية ] إعدادى + ثانوى[



Mr. Mustafa Moh.

Math à[ prep + sec.] stages



Mrs.Naglaa Fathy

التربية الإسلاميه ) prim.1à6)

القرآن (prim.1 à Sec.2)




Sixth step:
Academic Manger:Mrs.Maha Bawazeer on Wednesday from 11:00a.m à 12:30
Admin manager – interior affairs: lamis Badran on Tuesday from 10:00a.m à12:00p.m
Prep.+ Sec. Deputy : Mrs. Azza Esmat on Wednesday from 10:00 a.m à 11:00a.m [01001634964 ] , for meeting you have to set an appointment .
Primary Coordinator :
               Mrs. Gihan Awad on Tuesday from 11:00 a.m à 12:30p.m [01140449946],
for meeting you have to set an appointment .
·        Kindly stick to the previous steps for discipline & following up
For setting an appointment call Front office : [01225298813 – 01100903121]
and identify the items you want to discuss.
·Kindly stick to the fixed appointments & it’ll be cancelled after the time settled according to duties of the day for all previous people mentioned and we’re sorry for not having any meetings without a previous appointment preserving discipline.    
Buses rules & regulations :
[01140449944 ] from 6:00 a.mà 7:30a.m , from10:00 a.m à12:00
and from 3:00 p.m à 4:30
·        If the student’s location of arrival or dismissal changed or a student not registered in the school bus and wanted to use the bus, please send a written paper signed by parents to the Bus department a day before.
·        Parents should inform the Bus department & the bus matron if they want to take a student for leaving starting from 10:00a.m à12:00p.m and fill a [student leave form] at the front office.
Social worker contact : Ms. Marihan for grades [ 1-2-3 ] daily from 9:00a.m à 10:00a.m   
                                                                           on : [01142218571]
Social worker contact : Ms. Vansey for grades [4 – 5 – 6] daily from 9:00a.mà10:00a.m  
                                                                           on : (01018372059)
               Social worker contact : Ms. Heba for Prep. & Sec. (girls ) daily from 9:00a.mà10:00a.m
                                                                                            on : (01140449948)
Social worker contact : Mr. Ahmed Zakarya for Prep. & Sec. (boys) daily
                                         from 9:00a.m à10:00a.m on ( 01000265920)
You can meet social workers on Monday & Wednesday from 1:00p.m à 2:00p.m
by setting an appointment first with front office.
· It’s not allowed to send money in channel book
·     Mobiles are not allowed inside the school
·        Follow us on our Face book page à/Noor School
·     Kindly install (Edmodo mobile app)& use the codes sent before in the material covered for each stage.


·Note that starting from grade [5] till sec. stage all documents , messages , sheets & material will be uploaded on (Edmodo) only & no paperwork will be sent starting from 10/10/2019


For Remedial classesyou can call: (01129734304) for any information.